Manchmal flüstert der Wind in mein Ohr. Dieses Mal war es eine Melodie. Windgeräusche bilden die Ausgangslage dieses Songs. Weitere Infos zu meinem Songwriting-Projekt Natur und Musik.

I want to wholeheartedly thank my studio partner Andreas Canzani for the fine-tuning, Marcel Schwegler for the beautiful guitar sounds, Regina Grob and Christof Egger for the cover and the wonderful souls who inspired and supported me in creating this music, especially Ramon Ziegler, Julia Scott and Laetitia Gartenmann, Katherine Dawson, Tom, Sabrina, Danijela, Sanja and my family.

Meine Songs sind auf allen gängigen Plattformen zu hören. Wie mittlerweile bekannt ist, verdienen wir Musiker weniger als 0.01 Rappen pro Stream. Ich bezahle meine Mitmusiker fair und hoffe, das auch noch lange tun zu können. Danke darum für Eure Unterstützung (über den Shop oder auch einfach per Twint 078 805 35 59).

My songs are available on all major platforms. As it’s well known, we musicians earn less than 0.01 cents per stream. I pay my fellow musicians fairly and hope to continue doing so for a long time. Thank you for your support (through the shop or simply via Twint 078 805 35 59).

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Wind Lyrics

Sometimes I just can’t make it

Legs like 200 pounds

Sometimes I just can’t take it

Gravity pulls me to the ground

Breathing out

listen to the wind around me

Long before our time

she whispered through the trees

I don’t have to fly

I just spread my wings

The wind is me

All I need to do is let go of what weighs me down

I’m floating, floating away

I shatter into pieces

Defying gravity

Riding the wind is

changin‘ my reality

Breathing in

Now her wings are growing on me

Carried by her breeze

Across the sea of fears…

Long before our time

The wind swept over the waves

And she said nothing different than today